Hector is a fun read, he was very witty and made me feel comfortable as if talking with a family member or friend.  He began to talk to me about work and I asked how he knew that was the primary reason for the call.  He explained that there was a spirit or energy around that protects me, I asked for more and he described my grandmother, not so much physically but how she was as a person and how she was with me.  I got lots of information so make sure you have a pad and pen ready, I regret not having one at the beginning but soon after I got one and still filled 2 pages.





Linda P. Boulder


I’m not sure about doing readings but my wife spoke with hector and some of the things she told me, she did not even know so I decided to see what this was all about.  I own my own business, but he did not know even so I guess my wife could have told him as part of her reading; what amazed me was he told me about a person I had been talking to about merging, the talk at the time was very casual not even my wife knew I was exploring that possibility.  Well this is my second reading with him and I guess by know you know I’m a convert.  Lol, I don’t know how but I’m glad for him as I use him for direction and decisions in my life!







I’m from the west coast but while on vacation I visited Miami for a few days, I like to be read while on vacations so I looked on line and hector had some of the more impressive reviews.  As most I was a bit skeptical so I called him and when he said all his readings were only over the phone that only the healing or cleansings were in person I really hesitated to make an appointment but he was so patient with all my questions, thank you Hector, I decided to try it, so from my hotel I called him and the first thing he told me was to be careful with the plate and glass on it were going to fall.  Oh my God, I looked at the nightstand and somehow it had moved and half was in the air.  At that point I was sold so the reading continued very nice he covered family, work, even went into great detail not only about my health but about my family.  He asked me If my mother had some sort of surgery related to the thyroid but I explained she had surgery in the throat area but due to a cist that had grown.  What can I say I’ve already told some of my friends about him and I know he will get call from my sister.


Wonderful experience,





I’m happy to write this testimonial for Hector, he was very accurate, he took the reading in the direction I needed without my having to guide him.  At the end he gave me an opportunity to ask as many questions as I wanted answers to, fortunately most of the important questions he got to before I had to ask.  If you do readings or like me first timer definitely this is your guy, I know in the future he will get another call from me.





How can I express my gratitude for all you have done for me and my family, from the first reading when you mentioned my grandmother and he gave such a profound message to me.  I believe that all the information you gave me will help me for years to come.  It was funny how you knew about my daughter and how she can’t make up her mind between playing an instrument and drawing. 




I wanted his help with love matters, as soon as the reading started he spoke about my job, my kids, my life in general then he told me that he had left my intimate life for last as he saw the vacuum in my life in relationships.  He told me about all the betrayal and how I seemed to like the same type of man and that was why I kept hitting the same problems over and over.  He told me that I should take this year and reinvent myself, he told me he was sure next year if I did this would be different in love.  It’s been about a year since that initial reading and as a follow up we spoke again.  Well he was right I shifted and now I’m in a good relationship.  He was able to see it and described my significant other in detail to include his mom and how she liked me, all true.  Can’t wait to see how all the things he told me will come out in the years to come.  Oh he had told me to be careful with a stupid bump or bruise, a couple of months ago I was distracted and while on the phone in the car I hit a pole while making a turn, definitely a stupid bump as the car got bruised in the parking lot where I live. 

Carol., Miami Beach,Fl


I was desperate and someone suggested hector as an honest person so I called for a clearing and told him a friend had referred.  I set the appointment and was anxious all night, but I arrived to see him and he felt very welcoming and soon I relaxed.  He asked me to explain the situation and he asked if I really wanted him back.  My boyfriend left for another woman after 5 years, I was very distraught he not only gave me good guidance but reassured me with many true things that all would be ok.  I don’t know exactly what he did but my boyfriend had been gone for three months but within two weeks he called and asked for another chance.   Bless you Hector, I can’t begin to thank you but THANK YOU!



Something about YOU Hector that is amazing! After our conversation my day was so peaceful! Things just fell into place and I felt great! Out of the blue I came across this quote and thought about you and all that you say to me! I really do take to heart your time and all that you do for myself and others! I truly do appreciate it all very much!

Saddia., Miami,Fl


I am a true believer in destiny. I asked for guidance and was directed to Hector. I first met Hector at the center he had opened to help others. His readings were on point and he told me things only I knew. I later participated in classes he taught to connect with your own spirituality, I was hooked. He is a remarkable person and an exceptional teacher. After each class I was able to see things clearer and felt blessed to be part of this wonderful group. Unfortunately, the center closed. My husband’s company had recently closed and he was unemployed. I thought since he was educated and was highly skilled it would be a matter of weeks for him to find a new position. After 23 months, yes 23 months of searching, I gave up all hope and then remembered that Hector did private cleansings.

I called Hector we set up a date he did a magnificent cleansing for my husband and told him that within 45 days my husband would receive a call. Well 35 days later he did receive the call, he had an interview and was hired on the spot. Guess what, his first day of work was 10 days later which is the exact 45 days that Hector had predicted. We were stuck in a rut and Hector was the lifeline to getting the position of a lifetime with more than we ever wished for. My husband and I both vouch for the remarkable gift Hector possesses and shares without hesitation to better mankind. We have been blessed by having Hector become part of our lives. Thank you Hector for sharing your gift.

J.T., Miami,Fl


Hector is truly gifted. I first heard about him from a friend who had seen him on several occasions. I knew my friend was trust worthy, so I decided to call him. He immediately told me things about myself, my children, etc. which were true. He presents the information in a non-threatening way and he makes you feel comfortable…as though you are his friend. He also gives you specific instructions on what you should do to clear your energy and restore balance. Everyone needs that, right!

E.W., Miami,Fl


Four years ago, when I was hoping to get pregnant, I asked “Will I ever get pregnant? And you said “you already are.”  I went out that night and bought a test and I WAS!!!!!  It was amazing.



I had a reading with you yesterday for the first time, and I just want to say that I was very impressed with your ability.  At first I was bit skeptical about doing a phone reading, but it was jaw dropping amazing.  I can’t believe how you were calling out the names of people in my life etc…Amazing!! May God always bless you.  Thank you for being one of the good people of light working for good on this planet.  I would like very much to be added to your mailing list.  I am also going to get your book.  I will most certainly seek out one of your other services soon..



My first “wow” moment was indirectly from Hector to my cousin who has gone to him for years. Before I even knew him, he helped inform my cousin that I needed her at a time in my life that was crucial for family support. I had just moved to a new country and was under a lot of stress having bouts with bulimia, and he told my cousin about it. She is probably one of the few people who has understood me and who has gone through it herself, so I’m not surprised he saw me in her reading.

We’ve always been connected that way. Anyhow, in so many ways, her phone call to me after Hector’s alert really helped me. Not to mention that she flew out to be there for me.

Thanks Hector!



I’ve done several over the years, eulogies that is, and as with most of my work there is always someone who wants me to connect them with their loved ones.  I’ve talked about it before but it can never be repeated enough.  I’m a medium, the person in the middle. I’m unable to talk to any spirit if it does not choose to talk to me.  This simple truth is hard to understand, even seeing them does not mean they want to communicate.  You must remember they are at that point of passing through what is our time, not theirs, so it’s relatively easy for them to disappear into the mist of energy all around us.  Anyway back on task, at this last eulogy there were mostly family and close friends of the family, and as soon as I got to the house I felt the presence so I knew there was a spirit in the air.  The family chose to go outside into nature and let loose several white doves as a symbol of spiritual freedom.

The lady who hired me introduced me to the rest of the mourners and I was asked to say a few words about the deceased.  I started to do my thing, as I don’t ever know what will happen during these moments so I can’t prepare a speech, I just go, and as the spirit moves me is what I do and or say.  In this one it was interesting as the spirit was present and as I spoke to the people and to the spirit, the energy of a saint came up behind her and the feeling I got was that she was helping the soul go on her way.  I asked my client if the deceased had been a devotee of La Caridad Del Cobre who is the patron saint of Cuba, also known as the Virgin of Charity of Cobre.  She asked me, why. I explained to her that the saint was helping her mother move on in gratitude for her devotion.  She told me that her mother had indeed been a follower of the saint. She even had a life sized statue of the saint in front of her house.

As I continued to speak, I could see that everyone was very emotional so I continued to do my thing. My client asked me if I believed whether this would be the last time the deceased was coming down to another lifetime.  I looked towards the spirit and she smiled but with no teeth so I took that as a yes.  I asked my client if her mother had no teeth and she said yes.  I explained that this to me was a confirmation that the spirit believed it would be her last incarnation here on planet earth.  I later asked her if her mother had some sort of blood related issue. I told her a couple of other things about the deceased to give her comfort that her mother was there and that all was well with her travel to the other side.  I told my client a few things about the little girl, her daughter, who was around us as we spoke.

Not all funerals are like this.  Sometimes the spirit is not around and sometimes they have so much anger or despair that only darkness is around.  I would say that this was a very special funeral with the beautiful soul.  It all depends on the life they lived and how much spiritual growth there was during this lifetime.  I remember another session where a recently deceased came through. I felt so bad for the family I did not tell them of the energy.  Let’s just say there were several tragic scenarios I was shown about the deceased that showed why the soul was so darkened.    So, I still gave my spill of how the next move for the soul is to move on to the next stage of their evolution.



Hector has been walking me thru very troubled times in my life. He was able to predict small events in my life and bigger ones. Thru cleansings and rituals I was able to get my loved one where I want him and saw a situation that at first seemed impossible unravel into a dream come true within 3 months’ time. Hector is definitely my life coach. He coached me out of miserable situations, guided me into getting the reactions and actions I wanted out of people in my life. He predicted a car accident to occur between December 2010 and January 2011, sure enough I got into a car accident Dec 21st. He predicted a huge breakthrough in my life to occur after a certain event, sure enough the day after the said event, a breakthrough. He is able to describe words, situations, emotions and physical reactions that only I and my significant other exchange or are aware of. He can even describe the way I look without having seen a picture of me ever.

Hector is insightful, funny, honest, nurturing, patient and firm. He is very consistent in his thoughts and guidance. I couldn’t have gotten to where I am without him. I cannot make decisions without consulting with him first. Most importantly we have a strong spiritual connection, as though he is an old soul that has known me all of my life. I appreciate his honesty in the fact that he never tells me just what I want to hear. But for those who are reading this, one thing you will care about the most is that: YES he can not only tell the future he can also help you make it go in the direction you want it to. Hector is a gem.



Hello I am a client of Hector Espinosa!!!!!

In a nut shell this is what I have to say about Hector and his gift, never doubt him, write everything down, keep it and everything he tells you will come to be EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

There are many times I DO NOT want to believe him and I doubt and he is always right never OFF.

I waste time and money seeking guidance and help from others and they have no clue about anything!!!!! Hector has a gift, he tells you straight, and it is your best benefit to take it seriously and listen. Health, business, Love he has it covered my god it is rare and a gift in life when you find someone that truly is here and sent to help you. I remember I asked him about a man he told me he saw mountains and forest, I told him could not be.  Later I called the man and he told me how he had gotten lost in the mountains all he could see was trees. Incredible remote view of people!

Hector Espinosa is no joke And his gift is from god

And he takes it very seriously that is a blessing for his clients that he life coaches.

I adore him and his family And I thank GOD I know him!

Tony L., Miami,Fl


I want to thank Hector, my life the last few years without my parents has been difficulty; especially with the loss of my mom. When I was pregnant, they did a test and it revealed that my unborn daughter might have Down syndrome. I was very worried and concerned. I immediately called Hector to share with him the news that I had received. He told me not to worry that he didn’t see any abnormalities with her. She was going to be born healthy. He somehow was able to put me at ease. He was right! Now, my daughter is 5 years old and she has been diagnosed by the school psychologist has having Autism Spectrum Disorder. I have shared this with Hector and he doesn’t believe that this is the correct prognosis for her. I shared with her pediatrician and she confirms that she doesn’t agree with the evaluation that was made. Hector has also helped me in other areas such as home and work. He has done cleansings to clear my path. There have been moments were I just wanted to quit my job, but realistically I am not able to so. His gift of working with energies has helped me endure and had allowed me continue and persevere. Hector is a wonderful person with a very caring heart. He truly wants to help people. Since, the future is not set in stone, we have free will to change some of things in our future. I am grateful that I have met Hector and that he always listens to my concerns and always gives me a helping hand when I am in need.



I met Hector 2 years ago after a random reading with my friends. When he read me he was so precise with things he said that only the other side would know. I recently had another reading and enjoyed it very much… it actually feels like he’s sitting there with you! He makes you feel so comfortable and has a great sense of humor, even if some of things you hear may FREAK you out (that’s a private joke) but overall, his delivery is comforting knowing that his words are genuine and, no matter what, things WILL be okay. My father passed 11 years ago and he was definitely there with us in my last reading… Hector spoke the words of my father exactly… it sent chills down my back…. Thank you so much Hector for sharing your gift!!

Loretta,New York


Hector never ceases to amaze me. In my last reading he told me I should go and get a check up because something felt a little off….I knew he was right because I have had a dull ache in my right abdomen for some time now. In a reading prior to that, sometime ago, Hector told me there was something to do with my gall bladder…I felt fine at the time and just didn’t think of that again. Well, here it is that I get a Cat Scan last week and just got a call from my doctor saying that my gall bladder in not working properly and that there is “sludge” in it and it looks like I have to get it removed. Wow, Hector told me this months ago! Also, he told me he saw a cyst but it was not a big deal, not to worry…the doctor also just told me there is a small cyst on my kidney but it is nothing serious and they are not going to do anything about that….that it is probably just a calcium deposit. Just like Hector told me! All the while, he tells me these things and always reassures me that it is something…but don’t worry because it is nothing serious. If you are thinking of having a reading, I would absolutely recommend Hector. You won’t be disappointed! Thank you so much Hector! I’m so glad someone told me about you 3 years ago!

Jen S.,Hampton N.Y.


Hector has helped me through the toughest and most crucial times of my life with statements that held true in every capacity. He has also been able to speak to my relatives that have passed and that alone has pacified my pain. He has made claims on my future that has helped my business and personal life tremendously. I thank him for his blessed gift!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aphro., Manhattan N.Y.


Conoci a Hector hace un par de anios atras, cuando una amiga me hablo de el y de las lecturas , que hacia…. Fue impresionante todas las cosas que me dijo esa vez.. Habian hechos que no los conocia nadie y el me comentaba sobre ello y sobre cosas que iban a ocurrir y las cuales despues de un tiempo ocurrieron…… En otra oportunidad en una lectura me alerto sobre un problema de salud, y cuando me fui a chequear con el medico, el se quedo soprendido de que ya casi le llegue con el diagnostico en la mano, gracias a lo que Hector me habia comentado. Igualmente me hablaba constantemente de un familiar muy cercano que se encontraba en peligro y que gracias a las recomendaciones que seguimos, logramos obviar el peligro inminente en que se encontraba.

El otro dia mientras ibamos rumbo a realizar una limpieza, de repente me comenta asi de la nada….. mira te duele la espalda?? y Yo si efectivamente desde hacia varios dias venia con un dolor de espalda que me agobiaba, bueno realmente no le habia comentado nada, ni siquiera habia denotado algun signo de dolor o queja. En otra oportunidad gracias a su intervencion se logro resolver un problema que ante mis ojos era casi imposible de solucionar Hector es una persona maravillosa, ese don especial que posee , los consejos que ofrece , la instrucciones si son seguidas de manera eficaz y con fe dan resultados positivos y espectaculares.

No puedo sino darle gracias a mi amiga por haberme llevado a conocer a esta persona tan especial y darle mil gracias a el por todo. no se que es lo que le pasaba a mi hijo, pero su comportamiento para con los demas habitantes del hogar era hostil, agresivo, con un vocabulario que dejaba mucho que desear, le hice este comentario a Hector y el dijo que debia de realizarse un trabajo para mejorarlo, bueno exactamente no se que es lo que hizo, porque a el directamente no lo toco, pero lo que puedo constatar hasta ahora 24 horas despues de haber conversado con Hector es que mi hijo esta mas docil y mucho menos agresivo, espero y confio que siga mejorando para su propio bienestar y hacer la convivencia familiar mas placentera. Otra vez muchas gracias Hector y que Dios te conceda mucha luz para que puedas continuar ayudando a muchas personas.