Light and the Darkness (E-Book)


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This book broadens the spiritual horizons. Prepare to believe there is a life after, for those who already believe the boundaries of this book will open the eyes of even true believers with its detailed accounts and helpful resource material for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

Hector L Espinosa

I’ve written these books to help those in the struggle for spiritual development; some of the chapters are to reassure you we are more connected that believed and when you feel alone it is in fact quite the opposite.

Many of the chapters are to assist those who are having some sort of spiritual crisis, if negative energies are creating obstacles in your life the answers and many options are in the books.

Multiple disciplines teaching how to evolve spiritually, these different modalities are simple effective ways to grow your spirituality.

Many testimonials and life lessons to inspire how you too can get past difficult situations because the sun will come up tomorrow and clear any dark clouds, this too shall pass.  Knowledge is power and I’ve included lots of my knowledge into these books so all who want can have a chance for a better spiritual life, remember we are spirit with a very temporary physical existence.


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